Sunday, May 06, 2012

More Bad News

Sorry fans, but there's some downright miserable news out there.

We'll start off with a little Title IX piece.  UCLA celebrates the fourtieth anniversary:

No mention of their dumping men's swimming, though.

On the subject of dumped men's programs, here's Cal Benz on Nebraska's men's swimming rules violations:

Read an old article here.

Ready for a positive story on men's college swimming?  You won't find one here.

Butler is dealing with Title IX issues. Read more here. Don't worry about men's swimming being on the chopping block up there, though. They dumped men's swimming long ago.

Men's swimming was dropped at Rutgers a few years ago. Doesn't look like it saved them a whole lot of money, though. The university soaks students for a grand each year to prop up their bloated athletic department. Read more here.

Take your pick on which is the most damning statement about the Rutgers athletic department, based on a report by Bloomberg News this week examining spending in big-time sports:

a) Rutgers gave $28.5-million from the university budget and student fees, or almost $1,000 per student, to finance sports during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011.

b) The $19.4-million that Rutgers allocated to athletics from its general budget would have been enough to hire about 256 assistant professors or 132 full professors, based on salary figures provided by the university.

c) Fiscal 2011 included the first losing football season in six years. Ticket sales for all sports, led by football, plunged by $3.1-million; donations fell $1.5-million; and income from royalties and licensing declined $477,558.

How about d) all of the above ?

Looking for an escaped from all the bad news?  They say this new movie's pretty danged good:

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