Friday, April 27, 2012

Title IX Issues at SMU?

An article in The Daily Campus claims SMU isn't giving female athletes their fair share. Read more here.

Beth Wilson, associate vice-president and Title IX coordinator, said the university has done a superlative job meeting federal requirements. “I think we’ve done pretty much what we needed to do,” she said. “I think the issues have been addressed or are being addressed.”

Wilson said she could not discuss why SMU spends twice as much on men’s sports compared to female athletes until she reviewed the data SMU submitted to the Department of Education. When a reporter offered the records to her, Wilson refused to look at them.

Dr. Ellen Jackofsky, an accounting professor in the Cox School of Business and a member of the Faculty Senate Athletic Policies Committee from 1995 to 2011, reviewed SMU’s athletic spending. When asked if the records showed SMU in compliance with Title IX, she said, “Absolutely not.”
“This shouldn’t be happening,” Jackofsky said. “I’m disappointed to hear that, to know that’s where we are.”

Some students said the spending disparity is understandable for a simple reason.

“Come on, it’s football,” Gerardo Padierna, a first-year student, said. “Football is king.”

Others said the disparity is disturbing.

“This is a lawsuit waiting to happen,” sophomore Katherine Montgomery said.

How long before Nancy's flight touches down at Love Field?


Anonymous said...

Jackofsky - really or did you make that up Button?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen their pool? UGH!

Button said...

'Jackofsky - really or did you make that up Button?'

from smu's cox faculty directory:

'Have you seen their pool?'

i actually enjoy going to perkins. i enjoy swimming history and that place has plenty.

as a competitive pool, it's not the fastest around. still, it's the same for both males and females, right?

Fred said...

One of the best University pools around for a dual meet. Loud and everyone is close to the action. I always enjoy meets there. fred

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - you must like your anonymity when making fun of people's name? Are you five years old?