Saturday, April 28, 2012

TISCA Changes?

Want to see some changes in TISCA?  Looking for folks who think outside the rectangular prism?  Shouldn't we look for coaches that want more than just a title and a couple of trips to Austin each year?

Maybe it's time to consider term limits for region swim/dive reps.  After six years, the time has come to either step aside for the new blood, or take your experience to a higher position, right?

How about the elimination of dual roles?  When one coach serves in multiple positions, he/she takes away an opportunity from another coach.  Again, let's create more chances for some new blood.

Let's elect/appoint active coaches only.  When I got into administration, I resigned my board position.  Only coaches who are coaching Texas high school teams should be representing Texas coaches' and athletes' interests.

Okay, cue the crickets...


Lion King said...

Interesting suggestions, worthy of discussion. It's always concerned me that "younger" coaches aren't (or don't -seem- to be) interested in getting involved in the decision-making process, trying to SOLVE problems or come up with innovative initiatives. When is the last time anyone can remember a nomination from the floor and a real debate or at least a campaign speech for an office? Why does the TISCA membership in attendance at the fall meeting just accept the candidate slate offered by the board (or the Election Committee selected by, and composed of, members of the board) and not nominate a second person for each office, just to make it interesting if nothing else?

I am split on the need to be an active HS coach to be an officer, I think some current retired coaches still have a lot to offer to TISCA, but the idea of "term limits" for Region reps or any other office (except Pres and VP, which have inherent built-in limits, and Sec'y and Treas, which actually BENEFIT from having someone perform those duties over a period of years [look at NISCA for proof of that]) seems sound, and -does- allow for new blood and new ideas.

My last comment is that TISCA's annual meeting and clinic should NEVER be scheduled in conflict w ASCA.


Button said...

didn't think anyone would bother commenting.

seems tisca membership has been 'going with the flow' for years.

wondering how many out there care enough to get involved.

we shall see...

Anonymous said...

Knowing nothing of the TISCA board members but knowing a whole lot about volunteers in other organizations, I wonder if part of the reason people stay on in a role is because no one else even offers to take it? Are these paid roles? If so, how much? Does TISCA put out a list of positions to its membership with the details of what the job entails prior to a nomination period?

Lion King said...

Totally volunteer, no paid positions. I like the idea of posting job descriptions, but more practical descriptions than the brief info in the TISCA Constitution and By-laws.

Lion King said...

Yup. Crickets.

Deer Slayer said...

There is much strength to your words Lion King and nostrabutton. I would think some serious discussion would be a worthy exercise. We have had people on the TISCA board when they were out of coaching. 4A liasons coaching at 5A schools. Region Reps being "appointed for life". Nominations from the floor to make sure the best individuals are running the organization. These times they are a changin. Or maybe they could be. I would think this discussion would have more merit than a 3A and under discussion.

Anonymous said...

Region Reps need to change. But not all region reps show up to the TISCA board meetings.

Anonymous said...

would love to see some change in TISCA. some high school coaches are already so overworked and underpaid that they will likely need to believe that their time and effort in TISCA will be valuable to the HS swim community and that they can effect change. younger coaches want to make a difference and make an impact. some might be frustrated by the power of the UIL....

Anonymous said...

The UIL does have a great deal of power, as does any government entity with limited checks and balances. The monopoly they control with HS Sports in Texas is very intimidating. The amount of time and effort necessary to effect any change is most prohibitive. As described by the last posting, TISCA is so overlooked by the UIL as to make it very unattractive for hard-working coaches to "volunteer" for TISCA positions when the effort to change things with the UIL seems overwhelming if not futile. Not to mention that the power of the UIL creates risk for any that might have a disagreement with the UIL Administration.

Button said...

so maybe lion king has the right idea? get retired coaches into some board positions and turn them loose? they won't fear for their jobs if they're no longer coaching, right?

maybe we should put into the constitution a position on the board to be filled by a retired swim coach (no diving coaches, polo coaches, or swimming sponsors). that person will then have the job of lobbying and serving the vast majority of tisca's constituency: swimmers and swim coaches!

send the hate mail from sponsors, dive coaches, and polo coaches to

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I would vote for a courageous retired (protected) coach that wants to make a difference for the HS swimmers, divers and coaches still fighting in the trenches.

Who wants that job and is willing to sit down and listen to common-sense ideas that would advance and promote Texas HS Swimming and Diving, without a personal political agenda? *This is not to say that our current leadership has ever had any personal political agenda, rather they had an almost impossible job to do, in conjunction with the volunteer nature of the position and the actual "paid" work responsibilities that they, or any other active coach would have had.

So, who would be willing to stand toe-to-toe with the UIL Representative for Swim/Dive to lobby for some real intelligent advancement for our Sport and for the kids.

It would have to be someone with a connection/relationship to the Head Men's Swim Coach of the University of Texas.
ER's backing and willingness to advise and/or intercede is about all I could see that would renew and recharge the validity of the Tisca Organization, from where we stand now.

Otherwise, the absolute power of the UIL will continue to keep Tisca in a position of impotence and subservience. Change, initiated by Tisca seems to be unpopular or not very appreciated by the UIL.

What does everyone think is going to happen when the UIL gains complete control over the swim meet officials in the entire State of Texas HS Swimming & Diving? It seems to be that the UIL is expanding their power rather than looking to Tisca for input and recommendations. The relationship between the UIL and Tisca does not seem to be hostile, but I question whether the UIL really respects Tisca as a truly strong and worthy advocate for Texas HS Swimming & Diving.

Again, this is not a knock on the current leadership of Tisca, as their position and the one-sided balance of power between the UIL and Tisca, would make it almost impossible for the Tisca leadership to operate otherwise, without potential negative consequences for both themselves and the entire State of Texas HS Swimming.

Let's find the right person, call them to step up, and help us regain some of the validity of the Texas Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association as a worthwhile advocate for Texas HS Swimming & Diving.

Past Tisca Presidents?
Successful past Texas HS Swim Coaches with a desire to still be involved and the courage and enthusiasm to fight some battles?
Those with history with the University of Texas and the UT Men's Swimming Program Leadership?
Texas Swimming Hall of Fame members? (still living of course!)
All Advocates for our HS Swimmers, divers and Coaches!

Shallowsport said...

UIL is a very difficult organization to work with. Change does happen but it takes an agonizing amount of time to achieve . What I feel everyone wants is the best athletes to be at the state meet. UIL has a different philosophy. They want representation from around the state at the meet. This has been the battle for TISCA since swimming became a UIL sport. TISCA, sim coaches, most athletes, want Q times. It will never happen in the UIL format. So TISCA fights for finding the best alternative ways to get more of our faster swimmers into the meet. It is better than it use to be.,

TISCA has also asked for the State Meet to be in two locations. 5A at one site and 4A at another. Thus giving us a chance to expand the meet. Good opportunity to add more swimmers to the meet. With another FAST swimmer advancing. UIL told TISCA that the State Meet will never leave Austin. That means things get even more cramped when the 3A meet comes about.