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It's a long-ish post, so here's something to listen to:

Terri Stanton has updated Joseph's Journal at the Caring Bridge site.  Read it here 

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your continued hands that have held ours and offered millions and millions of prayers for Joseph and our family.

The most talked about swim from this year's Eddie Reese Invite was Clark Smith's 2000 free.  Read more here

Smith, the reigning NCAA champion in the 500 freestyle, uncorked a 17:44.39 in the 2000 free. Since it’s not an official event, it’s tough to compare the swim to anything else, but it is indeed fast. Smith averaged 53.22 per 100 yards, an astounding pace for such a long swim.

via Luis Maram
Enjoyed Seth Godin's blog post yesterday, titled "Witch hunts make no sense".  Check it out here

Which is expressed by those in power as: "There's a good reason I'm afraid and punishing this person will make that reason go away."

Hunting witches never makes things better. Partly because there are no witches.

Sooooo...have y'all experienced this sort of behavior?  Did you have a boss who feared his/her employees?  Did y'all wonder who'd be the next scapegoat?

El Paso County needs an aquatics manager

The Hood County YMCA needs an aquatics director

The City of Corpus Christi needs an athletics/aquatics program manager

A SOBO (southbound thru-hiker) named "Last Chance" has 700+ miles left in his journey.  Like many hikers, he had trouble getting out to the trail from Gatlinburg.

I stood there for well over two hours. During that time it started to rain so I got to test my new rain gear which worked well. I finally got a ride as far as the Sugarland Visitors Center. I walked around there asking folks if they would give me a ride to Newfound Gap and after an hour I got a ride from a guy who hikes the trails in the Smokeys every day he can.

View Last Chance's trail journal here

Back in March, Bobby and I had no luck hitching out of Gatlinburg.  Finally, we walked into a practically deserted convenience store and found a clerk with some free time to drive us out to Newfound Gap.  Journal entry here.  Crazy place, Gatlinburg...

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Download a free copy of  Swimming Technique here

CSCAA women's D-I poll is here.  Texas 3rd, A&M 15th, SMU 21st.

Men's D-I poll here.  Texas #1.


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