Saturday, November 21, 2015

Don't Know Jack

I don't know Jack Madden.  His troubles with USA Swimming are big news in the Houston swimming community right now.  He certainly has plenty of support from his former team.

Statement from Adam Stanford, President, Cy-Fair Swim Club:
"Jack Maddan is an exceptional coach, father, husband and role model. USA swimming banning him from membership will change none of that. Although Jack will no longer be able to perform the duties as Head Coach at Fleet Swimming, he and his family will remain in our hearts and always be considered OUR family. It takes but one meeting or conversation with him to understand his good character, love of swimming and love of the athletes us as parents entrust him with daily.

The entire basis of the circumstance that has now led to Jack being banned was based on an allegation from 1999 that we believe to be false. There are NO other complaints or allegations, past or present and those people that know Jack know he does not deserve the hand he has been dealt.

Jack as a coach has had the full and unwavering support of the Board of Directors throughout the process. Going forward, although he won't be our coach, Jack and his family will continue to have love and support from our Fleet family."

CFSC has removed Jack's bio, but here's what I found via Google (cached):

Jack was listed as an At-Large Board of Directors member for Gulf Swimming, but has since been removed from that position.

Channel 13's Jessica Willey did a piece on the (now former) FLEET head coach the other night.  Video, text, and comments are here.

I do have to wonder if Jessica did any research on the "gentleman" she interviewed for the story (naughty word warning):

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