Thursday, November 19, 2015

Catching Up

Ran into a couple of old swim coaches-turned administrators a couple of weeks ago at the Lamar CISD Invite.  Great seeing Joe Imre (coached at Terry HS) and Jerry Kipping (ran the program in Corpus Christi) again!

Comment on another post gave a link to this excellent article.  It's a two-pager without pictures.  Sorry about that, visual learners.

Forget all that now. “Cafeteria-style” curricula are all the rage. Such is not the stuff of which a competitive 21st-century workforce is made. Worse, it is not the stuff of which informed, effective citizenship and leadership are composed.

What’s the remedy? For starters, prospective students and their parents should consult ACTA’s What Will They Learn? when choosing a college. If students and their parents begin voting with their pocketbooks through enrolling only in serious schools, the rest of higher education might well become serious once again.

Lake Travis Relays

Appalachian Trail Tat

The Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA (Houston) needs a youth development director - aquatics

Even before the Paris mayhem, Texans named Illegal Immigration and Foreign Terror Groups as the top threats to our country.  More here.

Remember when cigarette ads were banned from television?  We old-timers do.  They said that too many years suckin' on them cancer sticks'll kill ya.  Keeping them Marlboro Man ads off the tube will save us from ourselves, right?

via KelownaNow are drug companies able to advertise things that they warn - in their own commercials - might kill you pretty danged quickly?  Why are we still told to ask our doctors about ___?

Big Pharm sure has more clout than Big Tobacky!

Got this via email:

Funny we were reminded to "Take it easy on the breaking rules part."

Latest CSCAA Women's Division I poll has Texas at #4 and A&M at #7.  Read more at Swimming World.

Still pretty far behind on posting results, but hope to catch up a bit soon.

Battleground Area Swim Team needs developmental coaches

The USA Swimming Foundation's silent auction is underway.  Visit and bid here.  There's even a "Pampering" category for you sprinters & divers.

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