Thursday, November 06, 2014

Where to start?

Guess we'll just get right to the point:

College Park HS assistant coach David James recently lost his son, Peyton, to suicide.  Full article here.

“There are people out there that love you, and whose lives would be torn apart without you,” said James, a resident of Jacob’s Reserve. “Talk to a friend, a teacher, a counselor, an assistant principal. Get help. Don’t give in to those thoughts.”

What if y'all said/did something nice for a kid today (and tomorrow, and the next day...) that might be struggling?  It might mean the world to him/her, right?  Don't wait for someone else - just do it!

In memory of Peyton, The Woodlands College Park High School Swim Team will be collecting travel-size toiletries this month and through December to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, where James and his wife stayed while Peyton was in the hospital.

Conroe ISD is hosting a TISCA meet that falls within the window of the drive.

Wouldn't it be great if teams attending that November 21-22 meet brought their contributions that weekend?

Spread the word, folks!

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kevin murphy said...

Coach James is a fine man to step out in his time of grief to remind all of us how precious are our sons and daughters and how difficult life is for all.
God Bless his son and his family and let us all take his reminder to heart, for all of our children and all of those around us.
Make sure EVERYONE around you knows they are important, they matter, and you care for them.