Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Misc.

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Golden Goggles

Female Athlete OTY:  Katie Ledecky (video)

Male Athlete OTY:  Michael Phelps (video)

Female Race OTY:  Katie Ledecky, Pan Pac 1500 free (video)

Male Race OTY:  Connor Jaeger, Pan Pac 1500 free (video)

Relay OTY:  Pan Pac Women's 800 (video)

Coach OTY:  Bruce Gemmell (video)

Breakout Performer OTY:  Maya DiRado (video)

Perseverance Award:  Haley Anderson & Andrew Gemmell (video)


MAC Open


Dallas Cup

Caney Creek/Willis/Huntsville

Phill Hansel Invite

Frisco ISD Invite

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps vs. Trinity

AAHSSL 11/22 Duals (Block)

AAHSSL Reagan vs. Brandeis & Marshall vs. MacArthur

AAHSSL O'Connor vs. Churshill & Clark vs. Johnson

Art Adamson Invite

Alief ISD Sprint Invite


Killeen ISD Invite


Hang in there, Art Bell fans.  The late night radio superstar plans to return via internet in July 2015.

Will Modern Farmer ever replace Mother Earth News?

Longhorns Swim Camp employment info is here.

For 2015, the Camp is seeking 23-26 individuals who are motivated, team-oriented, energetic, enjoy coaching, learning, and working with young people. This is an exciting opportunity for established and up and coming coaches!  It is highly encouraged to complete and return all paperwork ASAP.


completelyconquered said...

From the Gulf Tisca results, what in the heck was this?

Event 23 Girls 2x50 Yard synchro Relay

Event 24 Boys 2x50 Yard synchro Relay

Button said...

great question. anyone in attendance care to enlighten us?

kevin Murphy said...

That is diving stuff, an extra event