Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Opportunity to Save the Males!

Was contacted today by television producer who wants to hear from high school boys (15-17) who have experienced loss of college swim opportunities due to Title IX (mainly proportionality).

Parents and coaches, please get me contact info for young men who are swimming in high school and have discovered:

a) the school of their choice has a women-only swim program,
b) little/no financial assistance is available because they're males,
c) roster caps mean they can't even swim as a "walk on", and/or
d) any other reverse discrimination issues.

Producer would like to talk with kids by phone first (by the end of next week), then set up on-camera interviews.

I'm more than happy to be the go-between for this effort.  Email me contact info and I'll pass it along.

This is a great opportunity to tell a side of the story that's often missed in the media.

We know our sport is the most gender-equitable one out there, yet our young men pay a heavy price because other sports aren't nearly as "fair" as ours.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Button!
I am almost a pariah with my school's lettermans association because I won't drink the cool aid. While DIII schools get it and actively recruit student athletes, DI swimmers are tolerated only where cash can be diverted from academic pursuits. Go Bubba six pack, cheer on tamu or tu futbol!

Men's DI swimming losses in the state of Texas, Rice, Texas Southern, Texas Tech, UH; gains Incarnate Word.

Button said...

no volunteers yet.

i wonder how many guys missed out on early signing yesterday because of limits on male swimmers?

any guys that were hoping to someday swim for rice, miami, houston, ucla, nebraska, etc. out there?

completelyconquered said...

I don't have any swimmers anymore, but I could send you a contact of someone I swam with at the Woodlands Masters meet last weekend who used to swim at Rice.

Button said...


they want high school-age guys who have discovered a loss of opportunities due to the impact of proportionality on college swimming.

maybe it's not a problem for this generation...