Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Void of Rhyme or Reason

Time for another random-ish post:

USA Swimming is easing standards for the Minnesota Grand Prix.  More here.  All about the $$$?

TOC has a couple of threads going on "best" and "worst" coaches to work for:



Best coaches I've worked for (guys like Warren Trahan & Terry Cron) trusted us to know our sport and take care of business.  Only time they ever got more involved was to support us when issues arose.  Great communicators who took great care of their coaches and athletes.

Worst coaches I've worked for micromanaged us into submission.  We became paper-pushers working to further their careers.  Those folks didn't give a rip about our athletes or coaches.

Georgia Tech's Brad Homza (Westwood HS) was the ACC's Diver of the Week.  More here.

The City of Conroe needs an aquatics coordinator.

If/when the UIL adds polo - about the same time the Title IX quota system makes it to Texas? - will schools be under pressure to only add it for girls?

Funny hearing high school swim coaches complain about our country being run by the Chicago political machine.  They don't even realize they're being run by the West Texas political machine...

Looks like the Cal field hockey facility issue may be ready for the lawyers.  Not sure what's up?  Catch up here.  The latest:

Three Cal field hockey players considering filing Title IX lawsuit over potential loss of field

I hope they get the school to straighten out the mess before it goes that far.  If it takes a suit to get results, I'm behind the girls one hundred percent.  Problems like this are what Title IX protection is all about.

The Twin Lakes Family YMCA is still looking for an aquatics director!

Oh yeah, made it into the Marcus Whitman Hall of Fame.  Story here.

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Congrats, well deserved, but well hidden on your site. I was blowing through your site and went "Wait a minute, this might have been given a bit better spot." Seriously congrats.