Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Title IX Watch: Stephenville ISD

Regular readers* know my problem with Title IX is really with proportionality.  I'm all for equal opportunities, equal facilities, equal coaching, equal scheduling, etc.

It's the danged quota system Title IX has become that drives me nuts.

That brings us to Stephenville ISD and their Title IX issues.  It doesn't appear that activists are fighting for quotas.  Rather, it looks as though their issues are with those things Title IX was meant to protect.

Their website (Bee an Athlete!) points out problems in girls' athletics at SHS: 

Girls have fewer coaches.

Girls are provided less opportunity to compete in contests.

Boys ride in the latest chartered buses, and girls get generic yellow buses.

SISD provides a service to boys that works to secure them a college football scholarship. Girls have nothing similar.

Boys have a very nice baseball field right next the the high school (which includes their locker rooms and training facilities) while girls have a clearly inferior softball facility across town.

Boys have locker rooms that resemble lounges complete with leather couches, video games, big screen televisions and refrigerators while girls have nothing similar.

Girls have coaches with little knowledge of the sport they are coaching while boys are provided knowledgeable coaches.

The list goes on. SISD wants you to believe girls just aren’t interested in sports. In fact girls are interested but SISD treats them so poorly that the majority of them quit or fail to go out next season. The interest is there but SISD kills it.


We in the swimming community might have a bit of trouble relating to those problems, right?  You can go right down the line and see that our girls and boys are provided the same of everything, from coaching to bus rides.  Maybe it's time for school districts to hire swim coaches as athletic directors to straighten things out...

* Guessin' we is up ta 'round fitty er so

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