Monday, October 27, 2014

LAC Tragedy

(via LAC)
Lakeside coach Kyle Tilley was killed in a car wreck late Saturday evening.  More here.

The trooper told them the two cars were cutting each other off and chasing at a high speed before one of them struck Tilley’s car.

“They wanted us to know up front that Kyle had done nothing wrong,” said Kyle’s father, Larry Tilley of Flower Mound.

Kyle’s mother, Dona Tilley, said her son loved Star Wars, comic books and swimming. He joined the neighborhood swim team as a boy because his asthma and allergies held him back in other sports.

She said her son enjoyed coaching but was considering a career as a firefighter or high school history teacher. He was working on his teaching certification and hoped to coach high school swimming, too.


completelyconquered said...

This is the second team that Clayton has worked for that he has had to endure a co-worker of his being killed in a car accident. My deepest sympathies to Clayton, Craig, Jason, and Steve at LAC.

completelyconquered said...

Hit publish too fast. Of course my prayers and thoughts are with Kyle's family and his swimmers.