Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yeah, it's all about the money...

Last fall, USA Swimming cut back on bonus entries for Grand Prix meets.  Prelim sessions at those meets had gotten out of hand.

Cue the unintended consequences, please.

The January Austin Grand Prix meet was tiny.  How tiny?  Only three (3) women swimming the 400 i.m. in finals tiny!  Meet was to be capped at 600 swimmers and it wasn't even close.

USA Swimming National Team Director Frank Bush has announced the return of bonus events (w/o a standard) for the three remaining Grand Prix meets.

There will be no bonus standard. Any athlete that enters with at least one hard cut is eligible to swim any bonus event regardless of bonus entry time. This adjustment is being made to encourage additional entries over the last three meets and to allow for more swims per athlete.

Looks like the Mesa, Charlotte, and Santa Clara fundraisers meets will at least break even...

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