Monday, March 04, 2013

GWG Skipping Wednesday Practice... speak at the White House!

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I’m blown away and honored to be speaking at the White House. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be given this opportunity. I’ve been working for years to help people live a higher quality of life through better nutrition. It seems that my work is starting to get noticed, and my hope is that I can only continue working to help more and more people on their journey towards better health.

I will be one of six speakers in the program, including Michelle Obama. I’ll have ten minutes to share my story, and will hopefully inspire all these leaders to continue doing the awesome work that they are all so dedicated to. The program (and my speech) will be LIVE WEBCAST. I don’t yet have the link where you can watch it, but we will post this as soon as we get it so y’all can follow along Wednesday morning.

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not-Wally said...

I'm surprised to hear that the current White House residents would allow someone with initials that begin with "GW" to speak there.