Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back in Business

Y'all wondering why I've not posted a whole lot lately?  Wild rumor that SwimScam had me bumped off was just that...a wild rumor.

Actually been busy with quite a few outdoor projects up in the Metroplex and down here in Bait Camp.  Less computer time has been kind of enjoyable!

Since it's catch-up time, this post will be about as random as it gets.  Enjoy!

If you haven't been follerin' the men's NCAA D-I meet, get on over to Swimming World's championship page here.  Results, videos, photos, and more!!!

The media sure is helping our crooks in Washington out, aren't they?  Keeping us distracted with gay marriage, sink holes, Ashley Judd, etc. while they continue to throw millions of our hard-earned dollars away...hour after after day...when will it end?

Clear Springs HS needs an assistant coach.  Contact Debbie Fuchs at 281-284-2845.

Dax Hill:

Jumpy Bones Bumpy Jones

GWG is looking to hire someone (part time).  Internet work (social media, writing, marketing, logistics, etc.) mainly.  Tweet him if interested.

Okay, summer leaguers, it's time to lose your fear of USA Swimming.  They're here to help you.  Take the plunge.  Find out what you've been missing.  It's a whole other world out there.  Contact Jim Fox (719-866-3544) to learn more about Deck Pass.

The Awty International School in Houston needs an assistant coach.  Contact John Hoye

Ricky Berens on MSS:

Enough for now.  400 medley relay in progress...


Anonymous said...

SwimScam...hahaha...pretty funny from a blog that gets less views than floswimming...yeah, you know what i am talking about

Button said...

'yeah, you know what i am talking about'

no, not really. as a hobbyist blogger, i'm more than happy with my seventeen loyal readers.

guess i have to put up with the occasional disloyal jackass reader along with them.

p.s. if you really want to hurt me, you can be that one less page view from now on...ouch, that would really hurt!!