Thursday, December 20, 2012

No, I'm not steeler247...

...and I have no idear who he/she is.

Saw this thread on the foosball coaches' forum, The Old Coach.

Before you check it out, I'm giving y'all a sorta kinda naughty words warning.  If you're okay with that sort of thing, read it here.

Really loved the one about taking one for the team.

Googled "hit by pitch drilled between numbers" and this one came up:


Lion King said...

I dunno... That pic looks sorts like the "bend... and SNAP!" from Legally Blonde, lol!

That forum is funny as hell, gonna have to check it out more regularly.

Come on, admit it, steeler247 is YOU, haha!!!

Lion King said...

"sorta LOOKS LIKE..."

Button said...

no way i's steeler247. easy 'nough ta see an figger out, ain't it? Sir1972 says he/she misses foosball fer orchestra practice and i don't know nuttin' 'bout no fiddles er wand-wavin'.

Button said...

plus i never even went into michael's sports bar in bay city - which i can't now even if i wanted to as it is now closed.

so that means i ain't RedRooster21, neither.

honestly, i belonged to that forum many years ago and posted very, very rarely. it's mainly for them foosballers and such. don't even remember my login, so i just go there to read.