Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Towson University Cuts

Title IX issues (proportionality) at Towson University means tough times ahead for men's sports.  Read more here and here.

Tuesday morning, President Maravene Loeschke sent out an email informing students and faculty about a proposal made by Director of Athletics Mike Waddell that would cut the men’s soccer and baseball teams for the 2013-14 academic year.

During these meetings, members of both the soccer and baseball teams showed frustration toward the proposal, Waddell said.

“The way they reacted was about how I would expect them to react,” he said. “If I was 18-22 years old and was told what they were told today, I would be upset, I’d be hurt, I’d be frustrated and I’d be looking for definitive answers.”

Men's swimming survived this round of cuts, but will likely suffer under roster caps.  The Tigers' swim rosters show forty (40) men and thirty-seven (37) women.

You and I would say that's pretty good balance, right?  Plenty of opportunities for both genders over at the Burdick Cement Pond, right?

Unfortunately, gender quotas aren't based on equity within each sport.  Entire athletic departments are subject to this high-wire act.  When football is part of the equation, balancing the numbers means other men's sports/male athletes must be sacrificed.

What?  You didn't think they'd cut back on a program that plays in Johnny Unitas Stadium, now, did you?  Can't possibly get through a foosball season without that 6th string QB...

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