Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Turn out the lights...

...the party's over...

Lots of reasons to love July, right?

D&J's Tent Sale.

Celebrating the 4th with Roman Candle and Bottle Rocket fights.

Tapers later in the month.

Title IX's June anniversary propaganda ends.

Proportionality isn't something the Title IX quota folks like to talk about much anymore.  It's a fact that gender quotas have resulted in a disproportionate number of men's programs being dropped for "budgetary reasons".

Read Putting Maryland's Sports Cuts in Context here.

The Post‘s Liz Clarke puts the cuts in context:

“Over the last five years, 205 varsity teams have been dropped in NCAA Division I, the top ranks of college sports—133 for men, 72 for women. Men’s tennis, gymnastics, and wrestling have been hit particularly hard. Rutgers cut six sports in 2007 to address a multimillion-dollar deficit. Brigham Young, Clemson, Washington, and UCLA have also pared offerings.

Why do so many men's teams get the axe?  C'mon, y'all can figure it out, can't ya?

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