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Hey! Slow down!! (edited 11/7/11)

Don't be the one who shows up for this morning's warm-up an hour early - FALL BACK!!!

The YMCA of Metro Ft. Worth needs a Jack of All Trades. The successful candidate will be in charge of the aquatic, day camp, and teen programs. Contact Pamela Young

Indiana/Michigan/Texas (M)

Capital City Swim Classic

Halloween Hysteria

A&M vs. UT (W)

Lion King recommends highly recommends John Acuff's "Quitter".

I hated doing something I loved outside of work, feeling alive and engaged, only to have it all disappear the moment I walked through the door of my day job. I didn't hate the work per se. I liked my boss and the people I worked with. It wasn't that. I just hated that forty hours of my week didn't feel anything like the few hours of my weekend when life made sense.

I hated that my dreams had to go into hibernation every Monday morning. And so, like many other times in my life, I kept coming back to the same thought.

It's quitting time.

Socorro Invite

Rocker Tom Petty (voice of Elroy "Lucky" Kleinschmidt on King of the Hill) pokes fun at drug, alcohol, and even caffeine use in "Girl on LSD". Many of us non-druggies will laugh. If you're worried you might find it offensive, please don't listen here.*

Lubbock Relays

San Angelo Invite

Just in case you like to plan waaaaaaaaaay ahead, get out your 2013 calendars. The Sarasota YMCA will host the 2013 Pan American Masters Champs June 5-8 (pool events) and June 10 (open water). Read more here.

Lists of swimmers (through August) already qualified for 2012 USA Olympic Trials:



Work in education? Think you should be allowed to express your opinions, even if they are unpopular with your administration? Don't plan on staying on with Alamo Colleges for long:

Relations between administrators and faculty members haven't been helped by a newly instituted discipline policy for tenured faculty members under which someone could be punished for “disrespectful attitude towards a supervisor such as back-talk or grumbling.”

Read more here.

If you coach at an outdoor (heated) pool, do you know how lucky you are? Friday and Saturday morning you got to enjoy the steam rolling off the pool, stars, sunrise, and a beautiful morning. Those of us coaching from inside our boxes missed it all.

Interested in NCAA participation numbers? No? Couldn't care less? Okay, be that way! Just don't click here.

Since 1989, 220 women's swim teams have been added at Division I, II, & III schools. During that same period, 143 programs were lost, making the net gain for women 77 squads.

Meanwhile, the men have seen a net loss of three programs (176 adds and 173 cuts).

So what, you ask?

Division I men's swimming has taken a huge hit. While 18 D-I schools have added men's swimming in the last 20+ years, 69 have dumped it for a net loss of over fifty squads.

Care to discuss gender equity, anyone?

Any of you coaches stand on the deck sometimes and wonder if you're making even the slightest impact? Of course you are!

John Pittington and I stayed in touch after he left SCAT. When we sent Keith off to Monroe, Pitt often talked about "this kid" from Bay City. Keith never kept his opinions to himself, and that was a good thing. He looked out for his teammates and was a true leader for all. Many times, those points he'd make weren't what we wanted to hear - but they were what we needed to hear. That's one reason Keith Hill was one of my favorite swimmers to coach. I know Pitt felt the same way and would be very proud.

Wonder if television money's driving college conference realignments? Of course it is! Read more here.

Duel in the Pool** rosters are here.

Rice vs. TCU (W)

Wyoming vs. TCU (M&W)

McMurry vs. Southwestern (M&W)

UNT/Wyoming/SMU (M&W)

Rice vs. North Texas (W)

Trinity vs. UTPB

SPA Elite

TWST Elite


NEAT 14 & Under

Great Pumpkin Invite

Spooky Sprint


LCISD Private School Invite

Love swimming stats? Fill up here.

Modern day twist on string around finger:

LCISD 4A Invite

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