Monday, August 01, 2011

It's about time...

...for a little vacation. This week, posts will slow to a trickle.

Once the real vacation begins, only new quotes will appear.

Comments/emails won't be moderated/read, so hold off on the hate mail for a while.

Just let it build up until you're a raving lunatic. If you're already a raving lunatic, check yourself in right away - you're not going to make it through this on your own.

Don't worry about finding other ways to waste time, the internet's loaded with sites like this one. If you're on the road and can't remember the blogger address, will get you here.

Why you'd bother is beyond me...

For you educators getting ready to return to the classroom, it's time to prep for in-service week:

Once your meetings begin, you'll want to keep your Teacher In-Service Bingo card handy. Almost naughty word warning! Print your card out here.

Button Dominates in Hungary!

I know what you're asking: "Yeah, but can he win in the states?" We'll find out next year. Read more here.

The English Channel's been swum 1,000+ times. If you're looking for a bigger challenge, you might want to try swimming Lake Ontario. Swimmers have only crossed it fifty-six times. List is here.

World University Games Official Site (be patient)

ASCA boss John Leonard has a Twitter feed featuring "one coaching thought per day!". Follow it here.

Nothing irritates me more than when y'all won't listen when I'm interrupting. Tips to improve yourselves are here:

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