Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why do the lefties fear Christina Hoff Sommers?

Probably because she makes sense!!

So, she's saying chivalry ain't dead? Radical feminists wish it were.

Hear what Hoff Sommers has to say about each by clicking on the topic:

Intellectual Diversity "We're paying a very high price."

Clare Boothe Luce "They denigrate and vilify us."

Muslim Women's Rights "Wouldn't it be useful to the women in the third world, to the women in the developing world - in the Muslim world - if we had a sane, healthy, balanced women's movement in this country?"

Feminism "We may not want to use the word 'feminism'. It may just be ruined by the eccentricities and the radicalism."

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Anonymous said...

Wow, she actually makes sense.