Tuesday, August 05, 2008

John Naber Joins Title IX Reformers

The Title IX petition has nearly 5,000 signatures.

While that's a very nice start, it probably isn't getting much attention from the folks in powerful positions in Washington...yet.

Now that John Naber* and friends have weighed in, we might be noticed.

Here's the latest press release from the College Sports Council:

Olympic Greats John Naber, Peter Vidmar, Dan Gable
and Cael Sanderson join with Actor Billy Baldwin
Calling for 'Common Sense' reform of Title IX

Washington, D.C., August 4, 2008 – Over 25 U.S. Olympians and over 35 NCAA Champions have endorsed a College Sports Council petition calling on the U.S. Congress to enact common sense reform of the federal regulations governing Title IX compliance.

As of today, U.S. Olympic champions John Naber (4x Gold, Swimming, 1976), Peter Vidmar (Gold, Gymnastics, 1984), Dan Gable (Gold, Freestyle Wrestling, 1972) and Cael Sanderson (Gold, Freestyle Wrestling, 2004) as well as actor Billy Baldwin, who wrestled in college at SUNY Binghamton, have signed the petition.

“I support the CSC’s efforts to reform Title IX, so that the law can continue to protect women from discrimination, but without harming men. If we don’t reform the current regulations that govern Title IX, we will continue to see more athletic programs eliminated, and that would be a tragic loss,” said Olympic swimming legend John Naber.

On June 23, 2008, the CSC launched a national petition drive on the 36th anniversary of the passage of Title IX calling on men and women to work together to effect “straightforward and common-sense” reform to the law’s enforcement mechanism in college athletics.

The text of the petition reads:

WHEREAS … Men’s collegiate athletic teams are being eliminated and rosters are being capped at an alarming rate in order to comply with the “proportionality” enforcement prong ...

WHEREAS … Women collegiate athletes are being robbed of their training partners, teammates and biggest supporters when men’s teams are eliminated ...

WHEREAS … Straightforward and common-sense fixes to the enforcement mechanism are already available – such as a simple survey that would allow any student, male or female, to express interest and be given opportunity ...

WHEREAS ... The law's current method of enforcement is discriminating against male athletes and artificially limiting opportunities to participate ...

WHEREAS ... The current tenor of the debate over the future of Title IX sets up a zero sum contest pitting men against women that hurts the collective cause of all college athletes ...

BE IT RESOLVED ... That men and women across the country come together to discuss and implement a set of common sense reforms to Title IX enforcement that maximizes the opportunities of all college athletes regardless of gender.


Add your name to the petition here.
View all signatures here.

Thanks for the info, EM.

*Naber was the 11th signer, right behind Keith Hill.

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