Wednesday, October 24, 2018

News from the UIL Legislative Council Meetings

Those pushing for a third conference might point out that swimming/diving is the only UIL activity* divided into two (2) conferences.  Even Team Tennis is a three-conference sport in Texas.


The Standing Committee on Policy authorized the UIL staff to monitor several proposals, including sanctioning water polo.

The committee LAUGHED OUT LOUD denied, rejected, or took no action on several other proposals, including:
  • sanctioning disc golf,
  • adding a competitive stomp season,
  • sanctioning bowling, &
  • adding archery.
If we could somehow combine archery with disc golf, we'd have a winner!

The entire UIL press release is here

*That includes not only Athletics, but also Academics and Music


Lion King said...

What does it mean, "Authorized the Staff to Monitor the Following Proposals"?

Anonymous said...

Translation: UIL staff will find new methods by which to sneak this item past Legislative Council