Sunday, April 01, 2018

Snorkel Suit

via YourSwimBook

When Poirier-Leroy wrote about the 8 Benefits of Training with a Swim Snorkel, he failed to mention one of the hazards.

Numerous swimmers are complaining of eye issues resulting from the use of center-mount snorkels.

Problems ranging from blurred vision to Strabismus have been reported.  Athletes from several collegiate programs are considering joining a class action lawsuit targeting the makers of snorkels.

Lawyers preparing the case say they've been contacted by college swimmers, mostly men, seeking compensation for their injuries.  Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe attorney Anita C. Doe said the group numbers in the hundreds, representing dozens of college swim teams.

Doe claimed "Most of our swimmers are men from programs all over the country.  The guys are from Illinois, Miami, Rice, Nebraska...and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Women collegiate swimmers from Syracuse, Clemson, and North Dakota, just to name a few, are also having vision issues due to center mount snorkel use."

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Lion King said...

Don't forget the men's teams at Rutgers and EMU! They've had had loss of vision there, too!

Kevin Murphy said...

I once told my Dad "It hurts when I pick my nose!" He said, "Then don't pick it!"

I tell my wife "Quit cutting your finger when you cook" She says it is "exposure".
I have to agree......since I don't use a knife and don't cook, I don't cut my finger.

"If the center-mounted snorkel makes you cross-eyed, then don't use it"

It seems everything is always someone else's fault.

Button said...

got one!

Jason Pullano said...