Sunday, February 04, 2018

Region Meets

First, in case you haven't seen them, unofficial call-up lists are on Scott Scofield's blog:



This is the third straight year Scott has done this for our swimmers, coaches, and fans.  Also helping out was Paul Hodges.  Thanks, guys!

Now, let's share some of the more unusual things seen at this year's region meets.

Want me to go first?  Okay, here's a start:

1.  We had officials standing side-by-side to do relay take-off judging.  Even if neither noticed what their neighbor had noted on his/her heat sheet, it's NOT how dual confirmation is supposed to be done.  No matter how trusted an officiating crew is, the appearance just isn't good!

2.  Our prelim 500 free bell-ringer had some trouble getting a good ring out of the bell.  While hundreds looked on in amazement, this official held the bell upside down, shook it vigorously, and just couldn't manage to get much of a ring out of it.  This went on, heat after heat.  If only we'd gotten some sort of chant going to help out..."Turn it over!  Turn it over!"

3.  A young man was "counting" for lane 7 swimmer in a consolation final heat of the 500 free.  Had his Beats on and was really enjoying himself...until the coach realized his count was off by a couple of lengths.  Coach was less than ten (10) feet away, hollering at the guy counting.  Zero response.  Kid just continued to stare off in to space.  Finally, coach hopped up on bulkhead, went over to counter, ripped off headphones, and gave the stunned kid hell.  Couldn't help myself...said out loud "You're fired!"

4.  Our boy divers were 1st & 4th in region, but our dive coach forgot to register with TISCA this year.  As a result, I was recognized as boy diving COTY for saying "Divers, go dive" each afternoon.

5.  We had a couple of schools qualify relays for consolation finals that no-showed Saturday.  Danged sponsors..

6.  There was a tie for 4th in the 50 free.  Thinking it could impact call-ups, they had a swim-off after the 400 free relay.  Complete waste of time & energy.  UIL rules state that ties are broken by prelim times.  They didn't tie in prelims, so swim-off wasn't necessary.

If anyone has some video of our bell-ringer or lap counter, please post!

Anyone care to share unusual events from their region meets?


SwimMom said...

My boys medley relay seeded first for finals almost missed the event because the person monitoring the holding room didn’t realize there was no consol heat because they were all no shows on Saturday! Everyone was behind the blocks except the top seed being held hostage!

Button said...

Wonder how they'd have handled it if race was swum w/o the captive relay.

Re-swim the entire race?

Had relay not "bonded out" would they have DQ'ed them for delay of meet?

Tossed them from rest of meet for a NS?

SwimMom said...

Lol..... they proved they could run! None of the officials even seemed to think it was odd that the top seed wasn’t behind the blocks and they were set to go without them! Probably would have tossed them for NS! Our team dominated the meet so maybe wishful thinking 😉

TexSport Publications said...

Where was your regional meet?

coachscott said...

I just pray that they never use Don Cook Natatorium to host Regionals ever again. I'm pretty sure the AC wasn't on the entire event. God only knows how many kids are going to have bronchitis this week. I am thankful that they completed finals in 4 hours. Quicker than the 5.5 hours it took for District 18-6A.

Button said...

we were in rosenberg. facility was in great shape. excellent hospitality. meet ran on time, but still allowed for kids swimming back-to-back to have enough rest. that was due to the scheduling of awards presentations. didn't hear any complaints from fans about air quality. overall it was a well-run meet. officials eventually went to a more traditional relay take-off judging format. don't think it was because of my objections. someone on the officiating crew must have asked for the change.

Lion King said...

"someone on the officiating crew"... Bwahahahahah! I have a hard time recalling when there was not an issue with air quality or water quality (really? green water is the new normal???) at DC. Not Mike's fault. Only issue at LCISD (as you heard from the relay take-off kerfuffle) is diving stands being in the way. Meets always well-run, and the #1 item of a coach's concern, the hospitality room, is "A-number-one, Joe!" Congrats again on Boys diving COTY. A true master of delegation and non-interference.