Sunday, February 18, 2018


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2018 state meet results:



Help!  Back in the 90's, I used to put together a 4A mythical state meet.  Kind of like Swimming World's mythical national meet.  Planning to do it again.  I'll need meet result files from 5A district, region, and state meets to make this happen.  I'll start working on it once a few results come rolling in.

Also, I'd like to do something similar for middle school/junior high.  There are several big middle school meets around the state each year.  If I can get those meet files, I might be able to put that together as well.

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SEC's conclude today.  Real time results are here

Registration for the 2018 TISCA Clinic is already open here

ASCA Fellows 2018:  Call for Applications

Info/registration for 2018 Cap 2k is here


Anonymous said...

This website has every single district and region result for 5A & 6A.

Button said...

excellent, thanks!

Button said...

now, if i can get the files and just dump everything into meet manager, it'd be a whole lot easier than inputting everything manually.

coachscofield said...

Fat chance of getting all the meet manager files to make this task easier.

Button said...

yeah, it's going to be just like the 'good old' days...