Thursday, August 31, 2017

Harvey Update

Bay City has largely been spared the worst of Harvey.  We had plenty of strong wind and rain early on, but limbs/trees down and power outages were, for the most part, the extent of our troubles.  Local officials ordered an evacuation just before the storm hit.  Clare headed for Dallas and I stayed behind to watch over the Button mansion.

Then, the number-crunching bureaucrats entered the picture.  They projected up to ten feet of water in downtown BC!  People lost their minds.  Same local officials pushed panic button and reminded those of us still in town of the catastrophic flood that was bearing down on us as they spoke.

NBC added to the hysteria with this:

I kept telling family and friends it wasn't going to happen.  Some Facebook comments asked if they'd really meant ten inches of water in downtown.  Still, I was begged to hit the road.  After loading up, the dogs and I left for Brenham very early Monday morning.

In a Tuesday briefing, we learned that projections now indicated a much lower crest on the Colorado River.  So, back to BC we (Dixie, Sable, and me) went.

Things are starting to return to "normal" around here as businesses open back up and residents return.  River should finally crest today, but only property close to the Colorado will be impacted.  Looks like we'll be back to school on Tuesday.

Areas around us, though, need a lot of support.  Media is covering the larger stories north and east of us (Houston, Beaumont, Louisiana, etc.).  Smaller cities & towns are having a tough go of it.

via Victoria Advocate

Victoria is in rough shape.  Lots of trees down, roofs damaged, power/traffic lights out, and long lines at the few gas stations that are open.  On top of that, the Guadalupe River is flooding.

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North of us, Wharton is being swamped by the Colorado.  East of us, the San Bernard and Brazos rivers are flooding.

Schools are shut down and many Friday night openers have been postponed/canceled.

I know y'all are anxious to see foosball return to their regular schedule.  In the meantime, I'll re-post something from about ten years ago that might bring a smile to your faces.

Warning!  If you're easily triggered, click on the second link!

I'm a big boy/girl/other and am not easily triggered by locker room humor, so I'll click here

I'm a self-righteous weenie who runs to my safe space whenever triggered, so I'll click here

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