Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Syracuse AD Leaving

via USA Today

Syracuse AD Mark Coyle is leaving.  You know the routine.  They start out with the old "One team, one family, one vision" bit.  They close it out with a "spend more time with family" - type exit statement.

In other words, "One team, one family, one vision, one year."

He took over for Daryl Gross Negligence back in June of '15.  Read more here

via USA Today

Article was written by Chris Carlson, the same guy whose fictional account of Orange athletics set me off back in January of last year.  Read that post here

Carlson continues to repeat this lie:

Gross oversaw dramatic improvement of SU's non-revenue teams and on-field success...

Bullcorn!  The only "revenue" sport at Syracuse is men's thump-thump.  Every other sport costs more than it generates.

Many "non-revenue" sports suffered during the Gross era.   He destroyed the men's and women's swimming programs.

Gross replaced swimming with a women's hockey team that blows through a nearly seven-figure budget annually, while playing to home crowds numbering in the dozens.

Knowing his definition of success, one has to wonder if Carlson still thinks Enron would be a great investment...

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