Thursday, May 26, 2016

In Case You Missed It

This was a big story on the trail last year.

via Portland Press-Herald

A woman - Geraldine Largay (66) - had disappeared back in 2013 up in Maine.  Searches had turned up no trace.  An episode of North Woods Law included her story and the search for her.

Geraldine's remains were discovered in October of last year - more than two years after she'd gone missing.  Seems she'd become lost and was unable to find her way back to the trail.

A Boston Globe article reveals she'd kept a journal while lost.  She'd survived nearly a month in some of our country's most rugged territory.

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“This is some of the worst country in Maine,” Palman said. “It’s hard to understand how logistically difficult this area was. On any given day, by the time a searcher would get close to where Largay was found, they’d have to turn around to make it back to their vehicles by nightfall.”

Tragic.  If only she'd have been able to get a good signal fire going...

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completelyconquered said...

Clicked on a link from the comments of the bostonglobe article which thinks there's a giant conspiracy with her death and the Navy Survival School right next to the area where her remains were found. Good for a good chuckle if you're into that.