Thursday, January 07, 2016

Another Swim Dumper at A&M

via Seattlepi

The Aggies are hiring another athletic director.  He is Scott Woodward.  He was at the University of Washington, where he cut the men's and women's swimming programs.  More here.

This will make Woodward the second swimmin'-cuttin' athletic director at A&M.  Bill Byrne (dumped men's swimming at Nebraska) was Aggie AD from 2003 to 20012.

The Byrne hiring made A&M swim fans nervous.  Bringing in Woodward will make Aggie swim faithful have at least a little bump in their blood pressure, right?


completelyconquered said...

I am not sure why you would hire anyone related or connected to the hiring and subsequent firing of Tyrone Willingham (former Univ of Washington foosball coach).

Anonymous said...

Swim Dumpers are alive and well our great state as well. Houston, Lamar, Southwest Texas, Texas Southern, Texas Tech are but a few of our taxpayer funded schools that had programs that no longer exist. When the NCAA becomes a for profit mini NFL, students suffer. Why should a struggling single mother who wants to further her education be forced to pay an "athletic fee" at Houston, (or Lamar, or Texas) to subsidize a football stadium, athletic practice facility and other amenities when all she wants is to get an education to improve herself!