Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 State Meet Call-Ups

My excuse last year was "I'm a goin' hikin'!"

This year, it's "I gots ta coach!"

For the second straight year, Scott Scofield has volunteered to compile and post the high school state meet call-up lists for swimmers, coaches, and parents interested in finding out before the UIL posts their official list.

Thanks in advance for providing Scott with results and support.

Here's the site where he'll be posting that info (along with some other meet results):

Texas Swim Meet Results

You can contact Scott via email


Bill Brown said...

Did the coaching gig stop you in years past, or are you getting old?

Button said...

1. i am getting old.
2. tisca handled call-ups when i coached up north.
3. look who's talkin' 'bout old!