Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bay City HS Swimming/Diving Alumni

Blackcat Swim/Dive Alumni,

First, I'm working to restore our program's history and am looking for the most recent copy of our "Top Ten" list.

Now that we're back in Bay City, I'd hoped to do a quick update.  I last updated in 2007 and left records with someone here in town.  Unfortunately, they're unable to find them!

Rather than sort through old meet results* and reconstructing the list from scratch, I'm hoping to get hold of a fairly recent copy of the Top Ten list and just doing an update.

Also, we're planning to start a Facebook page in the spring to help former swimmers/divers/coaches reconnect with the program.

Finally, we'd like to do a combined Blue/Gold and Alumni meet to start our 2016-17 season.  More info on that once we get that Facebook page going.

Thanks for any help y'all can provide in helping us recognize all the great kids that helped put Bay City Swimming on the map over the years.



*Many of which have gone missing


Anonymous said...

I swam with the BC age group program my senior year at Wharton as we didn't have a HS team. BC was my first year round season, then walked on at Rice. My daily commutes to BC after school were in my 68 VW Karmen Ghia. Swam under the Coastal Cities Athletic Association flag the 78-79 season, well before CCAA was "dumbed down" by TAAF. Later swam for Space City Aquatic Team one summer at the old Shamrock Hotel 55 yard pool and later for TAMU coach Steve Bultman when he was in Pensacola ( was in flight school with the Navy at the time.). Will try to look you up when we get back to Texas next week. Go Black Cats!

Anonymous said...


Welcome back to BC! I know you'll get BC swimming back on the map! A long time ago, in a pool right outside your office door the BC Bombers came out of no where and got the winning ways rolling in BC. We weren't the best or the most talented, but we work harder and believed! Through adversity, pool issues, a team member's death, and our fourth coach in four years....YOU came along and took us to the promised land STATE! I'm sure a few of us Bombers could come back to BC to bring the tradition and swag back to those 8 lanes. However, if we're going to have a meet, you better get the youngsters in shape.

As Toby Kieth sings, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm good once as I ever was"!


Button said...

Guess I need to train for another 25 freestyle match-up, ML! Maybe I'll give you a chance to even your record...

Great to hear from you! Just trying to start a Facebook page for BCHS swimming. It's a challenge for an old dog trying to learn a new trick:


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