Saturday, September 26, 2015

What could go wrong?

Chilly reception at the NOC February 26

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Seemed like every time we had a tough choice to make out on the trail, it turned out to be a mini-disaster.  Eventually, I began adding "What could go wrong?" after each decision.

Knowing how our leaders have tackled "Border Security", the "War on Poverty", and the "War on Drugs", how much faith do you have in their "War on Supplements"?  Read more here.

Insert:  What could go wrong?

Thanks to USA Swimming for sharing this funny...they don't really believe, do they?

In case you haven't seen them, here are the UT men's Orange/White meet results.  No, they weren't tapered/shaved.

Coach Reese recently spoke at the TISCA coaches' clinic in Austin.  As usual, he was both entertaining and informative.  His best "stuff" comes when he's gone off on a tangent, then follers that with another tangent (or three).

Check out combined results from yesterday's North Texas pentathlon meet.

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