Friday, September 25, 2015

Athletic Foodie Update

via Athletic Foodie

Olympic swimmer turned stunt cyclist Garrett Weber-Gale gives us the latest on his business in this Swimming World article.

Great results ain't easy, easy results ain't great.

SW: When did the idea for AthleticFoodie spring to mind?

GWG: We started AthleticFoodie in 2009, as a way to start helping athletes learn about sports nutrition, and use it to not only feel better, but improve overall performance. AthleticFoodie began as a blog that published nutrition content, a place where we shared healthy recipes, and put on events with sports teams and schools.

AthleticFoodie snacks became an idea in 2014 after interviewing over 120 athletes and their parents about the things they struggle with, regarding nutrition and performance. It was obvious that the parents didn’t have much time, and were not sure how to best fuel their athletes. The athletes also didn’t know much about nutrition, and it became apparent that we could really help them.

We came up with the concept of shipping snacks, designed specifically for a swimmer’s performance, directly to the swimmer’s doorstep. It has been amazing to hear such positive responses from the athletes and parents around the country who are shipped AthleticFoodie snacks. We knew this would be a way that we could help many athletes achieve better performance, while also making parents’ lives easier.

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