Monday, January 19, 2015

State Meet Schedule

2015 UIL state meet schedule is here.

What adjustments would you make to accommodate a third heat in each event for both prelim sessions?

See how easy it would be to bring twenty-four (24) per event?!?!


coachscofield said...

You wouldn't have to make any changes to Saturday. My guess is that you would probably need to start prelims 30 minutes earlier on Friday.

Kevin Murphy said...

One extra heat in each event adds about one hour to each Friday Prelims session. If only the top 16 advanced to Finals, then Finals would run on the current schedule.

Prelims then would become more competitive and the very best 16 swimmers or relays would then compete in the Finals.

Button said...

...and we wouldn't have any open lanes in finals!

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to have 24 out for swimming and diving. Other states do it !

Bucy said...

When has Texas/UIL done things like other states? If the UIL would allow split sites then all kinds of things could happen to this meet.