Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning Variety Post

The City of Kerrville needs a pool manager and an assistant manager.

The City of Austin needs three (3) aquatics instructors.

High School News

(via Dallas Morning News)
Officials hoping to work the UIL state meet (February 20 & 21) should get applications in ASAP.

Swimming Application

Diving Application

Both are due by 6:00 p.m. Wednesday evening!

Traci Neely's UIL swimming director's report is here.  How much longer before they do something about that suggestive officials problem?  Us coaches is gittin' tired of all that winkin' an flirtin'!

Tex Robertson Invite

Tomball New Year's Classic

Waco Midway Winter Classic

El Paso ISD Invite

Midway HS Alumni

AAHSSL Dual Weekend #4 (Palo Alto)

AAHSSL Dual Weekend #4 (San Antonio)

The Woodlands vs. Kingwood Mixed Sprint Meet

Georgetown ISD New Year's Invite

Club News

Psych sheet for this week's Austin Grand Prix is here.  Tentative prelim timeline is here.

Info on the USA Swimming Diversity Select Camp (including coach and athlete applications) is here.

A coach up in Massachusetts was fired from his YMCA job, but USA Swimming has ruled he didn't violate their (USAS's) code of conduct.  More here, here, and here.

Border New Year's Resolution

Del Norte #3

LAC Level 1

Palo Alto Unclassified

AQTX Trained or Tapered

AAAA "C" (Palo Alto)

TXLA New Year's  Classic

AAAA "B" Champs

WAVE into 2015

CBA Winter Wonderland Unclassified

College News

(via Guajardo Imagery)
Several Texas college programs are competing in this week's Austin Grand Prix.  Info above in club news.

A&M vs. Alabama (M&W)

Texas vs. Georgia (M&W)

Torero Shootout (W)

Austin College Relay Meet (M&W)

Austin College Invite (M&W)  Ties for first, third, sixth, and eight in the men's 200 medley relay?  Plus one between tenth and the exhibition swim?  No way!

Nevada/Rice/San Diego State (W)

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Anonymous said...

UN reno not LV

Button said...

thanks, anonymous.


Anonymous said...

UIL again provides strong leadership... Thanks for the 50 dollar background check, I needed that. How about just going away and let the coaches and supporters of the sport run things?

How about moving the state meet to ANY other venue than tu? I personally am tired of monetarily supporting your hog wash when you do absolutely nothing for the sport or its officials.

How did we fall asleep and let these jerks take all control from TISCA?