Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wisconsin-River Falls

The Falcon swim programs (M&W) have been suspended and may be headed toward extinction.  Read more here.  Thanks for the heads up, BG!

Sports cuts are nothing new at UWRF: 

The last time the UWRF Athletics Department sport module was changed was in the 2002-03 school year. That year the wrestling, baseball and women's gymnastics teams were suspended while the sports of men's indoor and outdoor track & field and women's golf were added.

Trading men's wrestling and baseball for track helped the Falcons to a net loss of male athletes.  Swapping gymnastics for golf on the ladies' side probably helped them maintain those numbers.

Thanks, Title IX Quota System!

While the 2003 cuts were mostly on the men's side (to satisfy Title IX lawyers), the latest sports dumps don't appear to be aimed at compliance.  Eliminating swimming will mean sixteen (16) men and seventeen (17) women will get the lead handshake.

Meanwhile, UWRF's "revenue" sport - foosball - will try to rebound from last season's 0-10 debacle.  Sure would be interesting to see how many buckets of red ink that program bleeds on an annual basis.

You can bet the foosball program's ninety-five (95) players and sixteen (16) coaches will cost the university many times what the swimming teams would.

p.s.  The new Falcon Center groundbreaking ceremony is set for tomorrow.  Nope, it won't include a pool.

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