Friday, May 09, 2014

Résumé Fail?

How many of you coaches out there are generals?  Doctors?

Right, we have a few PhD's.

Okay, how many of y'all are medical doctors?

Wouldn't y'all be super duper impressed if the coach of your high school team were both a general and a medical doctor?  Quite a coincidence that he'd be coaching at Health Careers HS, wouldn't it?

via Swimmer's Daily:


Kevin Murphy said...

Reminds me of the recent movie: "Catch Me if You Can", with Leonardo DiCaprio.
It was based on a true story from the 60's...

The main character was a "pretend" Doctor, and Airline Pilot, etc. who was able "to fool most of the people most of the time, but not all of the people all of the time". Tom Hanks was the FBI agent that eventually caught him, and then turned him into an FBI specialist in counterfeiting.

Kevin Murphy said...

Unfrtnt ctlyrXVAs in "Days of thunder", when they asked Tom Cruise, who was an open wheel driver, if he had experience in Nascar (stock car racing), he told them "No, but I have watched a lot of Nascar on ESPN, and the coverage is very good".

Button said...

so, you're the safety coordinator for northside isd?

no, but i did stay at a holiday inn express last night!

kevin murphy said...

Who was responsible for vetting and hiring this HS Coach?

Very interesting situation.

It is a little like the TV Show, Suits, where the younger "lawyer" is real sharp, helped other people pass the Bar Exam, but fabricates that he has gone to Harvard, when he never went to Law School at all. While the story-line is interesting, the ethics are not really up to par.

Maybe some think it is OKAY to pretend to be something they really are not.
Maybe our post-modern culture is feeding the idea that you don't really need to follow the rules to get ahead. "Situational ethics", that seem to give permission to take what you want, even if you don't earn it honestly.

Just my opinion, based on the description of the coaches offenses from the attached article.

If he has done what the article suggests, then it is a "black eye" for those that hired him, and failed to check up on him, and casts a shadow over the professional reputations of our Texas HS Swim Coaches.

Lion King said...

Good comments, Kevin, and loved Button's HI-Express reference, lol!


"His stature does not match the physical requirements of somebody who would be in the military"

Is that a veiled attempt to say this guy was a big fatty???

So, those folks were supposed to believe he had medical doctor credentials, and opted to coach swimming in HS? I've got this bridge for sale...

I would also like to say that I admire KM for posting his real name, and Deer Slayer, too (we know who you are, hahaha!)

And know that -I-, the Great and Powerful King of Lions, will never post as ANONYMOUS. Unless I need to be...anonymous.

Button said...

plenty of phonies out there.

funny when we hear 'i swam at u.t.' or 'i went to state meet in h.s.' but the full story is more like this:

'i used to get in a few laps now and then at gregory before i dropped out of u.t.' or 'i went to state meet to highlight heat sheets and take splits for our coach'

Kevin Murphy said...

Whenever anyone tells me "I used to be a swimmer"..., I ask them, "Do you remember your times?" If they do, and can repeat back their times from HS or college, to me, then I feel pretty confident that they really were a competitive swimmer.

If they can't remember their times, it may be possible that they were not a very "serious" competitive swimmer. One doesn't need to be fast to be a "relevant" competitive swimmer or swim coach.

If my memory serves well, I think Skip Kenney was, originally, a diver, not a swimmer. He turned into a pretty good swim coach! Over 30 PAC 10, Men's Championships in a row at Stanford.

John Turner, the winningest HS swim coach in Oklahoma HS Swimming history, (26 or 27 Team Okla HS State Championships) came to competitive swimming late in HS after being injured in HS Football. His Dad was a successful HS Football coach.

The important thing is to stay humble, put the interests and needs of the kids first, and don't misrepresent your past.

My Dad always told me, "As long as you don't lie, you never have to remember what you said".

Anonymous said...

I got certified by this guy. He was very anal retentive. It all makes sense now. Every time I think about this, I shake my head and then can't help but laugh hysterically.

He required all aquatics coaches/staff to be certified in the usual first aid, cpr, AED, AS WELL AS 02 administration, epi-pen, and blood born pathogens--even though it is against NISD policy to EVER to use 02 or epi-pens on NISD property.

Anonymous said...

You all don't even know the half of it. This man is a pathological liar and a raving narcissist. He purposely has tried to make everyone's life miserable that worked under him and around him.

This man should not be able to hold a job FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. In The future people need to keep track of him. He will only do this again in another state.

He played catch-me-if-you-can and lost. Maybe he can star in his own movie. He certainly was an actor.

He has endangered youth, he has lied to adults and supervisors, and the person that hired this individual should be investigated himself.

There is much more going on at the NISD Aquatic Center. It should not stop here.

Button said...

he'll move to another state, change his name, create a set of false credentials, and become a walgreen/wal-mart pharmacist

Anonymous said...

There is more dirt at the NISD Aquatic Center to be uncovered. The best coaches are being forced out by the liars. The ones forcing others to leave were supporting and protecting that liar. There is a big black cloud hanging over that place. Not a fun place to be.