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Most of the talk surrounding the Mesa Grand Prix has been about that Michael guy.  Some (at least at our house) has been about that Bobby kid.  Now the focus is on Katie Hoff.  More here.

(via Baltimore Sun)

Through a text message, Hoff confirmed to SwimVortex that she’ll be contesting the 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 100 butterfly, 100 breaststroke and 200 individual medley. Over the past several months, Hoff has posted some impressive times in the short-course pool. Now, she’ll get a chance to see where she stands in the long-course pool.

Longhorn backstroke legend Aaron Peirsol will team up with 2013 NCAA 200 breast champ Laura Sogar to host a game of Sharks-n-Minners at the Mesa event.  More here.

(via Swimming World)

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"When Arena approached me with the opportunity to reach youth swimmers across the nation, I was extremely energized," said Peirsol. "I know I speak for much of the U.S. National Team when I say that we recognize the importance of encouraging and perpetuating the love of the sport, and I hope an experience like the Arena Grand PrixView will positively impact kids across the nation. We all need to remember why we fell in love with this sport, and I hope I can help send that message through this event series.

Nutrition?  NASCAR's  Jeff Gordon and swimmer Ryan Lochte share a personal chef in Glenn Lyman.  Story here.

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“What I like about Glenn is no meal is ever the same,” says five-time gold medalist Lochte, who eats up to 12,000 calories per day to meet his energy demands. “He understands the kind of nutrients professional athletes need and makes food that tastes really good at the same time.”

More on nutrition at Swimming World.  Check out a story on going vegan by former Horn Jeff Commings here.  Things didn't exactly go as planned:

If I didn't have my athletic condition to consider, I would still be a complete vegan today. But if I want to be the swimmer I know I can be, I must live part-time in the world of vegans and the rest of the time as an omnivore. It will take some time to regain my muscle mass, but I'm motivated to make it happen, and that's a big first step.

Jeff spoke with Texas breaststroker Matt Korman on the Morning Swim Show Wednesday:

Aggie breaststroker Breeja Larson went 20 x Q's w/:05 rest Tuesday.  Set results are here.

(via Aggie Athletics)

17. What makes College Station so special to you?

One of the things that always really stuck out to me is how nice the people are here. We have something like 45,000 people here, but there is no graffiti, no writing on the bathroom walls; people respect this university and community, and each other. You don’t see litter and stuff like that. It’s a clean, healthy environment. This university was here so long and will be here forever. That safety net of always being an Aggie – it’s like you know you will always be taken care of.

The City of Cedar Hill needs a summer team coach.  Info here.

Rollin' Wild:

Several new assistant coaching jobs are posted on TISCA job page:

Katy HS:  Contact Joe Watson at 281-237-1977

2014 District 14-5A Results

2014 Region IV-5A Results

Dawson HS:  Contact Matthew Winton

2014 District 23-4A Results

2014 Region VI-4A Results

2014 UIL 4A State Results

Cypress Ridge HS:  Contact Gary Thiebaud

2014 District 17-5A Results

2014 Region V-5A Results

2014 UIL 5A State Results

Clear Falls HS:  Contact Aubrey Estes at 281-284-1260

2014 Region VI-5A Results

2014 UIL 5A State Results

Now that the OCR is involved in a complaint against nine (9) Pennsylvania universities, the big question is:  Which men's program will be the next one sacrificed at the Title IX Quota alter?

Article is here.

(via Deadspin)

Each university identified by the Women's Law Project has women participating in sports at rates lower than their proportion of the undergraduate population, ranging from a 4.52 percent gap at Shippensburg to a 15.66 percent gap at Bloomsburg.

At Clarion, for example, women made up 60 percent of the undergraduate population in the 2012-13 school year but 47.4 percent of the population of varsity athletes. At Clarion, the complaint says, 114 additional female athletes would be needed to achieve parity.

"These nine universities are missing over 900 athletic opportunities for women," said Sue Frietsche, senior staff attorney for the Women's Law Project, which has offices in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Let's try that again, folks.  Last quote should read:

"These nine universities have hundreds of athletic opportunities available for women, but they've not been taken advantage of."

You can bet the athletic departments at these universities are already looking for hired guns to do their dirty work.  Don't think for a minute their "consultants" will only recommend adding women's sports.  They'll most certainly propose dumping men's sports as well.

Five men's wrestling programs remain among the nine schools.  You can bet the consultants will target the Clarion, Kutztown, Lock Haven, Millersville, and Shippensburg wrestlers.

Millersville?  That sort of kind of rings a bell.  Oh yeah!  They dumped all men's running programs a while back.  In fact, they took the 2012 Doublespeak of the Year award with their explanation of the cuts.  Catch up here.

Worried about men's swimming?  The only men's programs that remain are at Clarion, Indiana, Bloomsburg, and Shippensburg.  Yeah, they'll be in the cross hairs as well.

It's not just the men that suffer when their programs are kicked to the curb gutter.  I challenge y'all to name five (5) women-only swimming programs that are competitive at the national level...cue them crickets...yeah, that's what I figured...

Bulldog fans are on the edge of their bleachers, waiting for news and hoping the NCAA will go easy on their swim program.  More here.

The University of Georgia has 90 days respond to the NCAA’s allegations. After UGA responds, the NCAA will have about 60 days to compile the full case. Then the case will head NCAA’s Committee on Infractions.

“If the violations come down, most likely there will be some sanctions. The swim program will probably go on probation,” said Harmon. “There will probably be a reduction in scholarships..that kind of thing.”

Harmon says the sanctions should only affect the swim team, but could also have a long-term effect on UGA’s entire athletic program, especially since this isn’t the university’s first NCAA violation.

Check out the swimming roster and coaching staff for the 1950 University of Texas men's squad here.

Here are a few early season results:

Ambush Invite

ESA 10 & Under Sprint Classic

Frisco IMX

McAllen Extreme Challenge

SASA Sombrero Champs

Belton Spring Has Sprung

AAAA 13 & Over Unclassified

AAAA/NEAT Junior Series


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