Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bear Crawls Claim Rattler

The charge:

"This isn't something swimmers are meant to do.  We don't do hard stuff like this.  We don't train like that."

The defense:

"If anything, it's just a way of showing discipline, and what being in athletics is all about."

The verdict:


Do you think bear crawls are useful or inappropriate punishment for student athletes?

I think they are useful - 52% (289)

I think they're inappropriate punishment - 48% (262)


Anonymous said...

Bear Crawls are a great exercise, just maybe not good for "punishment". Some kids are not prepared for the rigors of HS athletics. All coaches and parents must remember: "Competitive Athletics are not for everyone" Perhaps this young lady probably should have found an alternate "activity" to be involved in.
There are many "activities" at HS for kids that may not fit in athletics.

Lion King said...

Bear crawls are NOT done on hands and knees, they are done on hands and FEET. If done properly, of course. Should not be done as punishment, but as a part of dryland strength training.

Punishment? Why, pushups, naturally!

Anonymous said...

The youth of today are WIMPS and so are there parents. Have this kid go through basic training; she will laugh at how easy the bear crawl is. Man what is the world coming to.

Lion King said...

Interesting that the juvenile's name is published, but not the coach. We in the know, know who it is. The comments seem to be enormously lopsided in defense of the coach, and rightly so. On the track? Not such a good idea. Who cares if the grass was wet? Swimmers, right? The little quitter probably didn't even care about being late for practice. Just how she suffered consequences for being tardy.

That's what it's all about these days. Never regret your actions, just having to suffer the consequences of your actions.

And blame ANYONE but yourself.

Bunch of whiny little future TAKERS is what I see.

Button said...

looks like 'discipline' might be making a comeback.

latest poll results:

useful - 53%
inappropriate - 47%

'Bear crawls are NOT done on hands and knees, they are done on hands and FEET. If done properly, of course.'

so, you sayin' too many bear claws might have been the real problem here?

Anonymous said...

Milkshakes, candy bars, pastries, cheeseburgers with all the "fix'ins", sure can make a "bear" drag when they walk.

Anonymous said...

When choosing to take a position in the govt jobs program of public "education" one should expect situations like this. It's glorified babysitting and sometimes the children are more fragile than you'd think. Simple solution: privatize all education.

Anonymous said...

In some "private" schools, a very few parents can wield great amounts of power. Better stay on their good side politically, or risk suffering the consequences.

The best place to coach may be the orphanage.