Sunday, January 08, 2012

Them eyes a Texas... upon ya...

Longhorn men and women celebrating dual wins over Georgia.

Georgia at Texas (M&W)

Y'all love vacationing in the Big Bend, right? Never been? Hurry up and go!

Since Obumma's using it as collateral to secure bailout funding for MF Global, signage will probably end up being in Mandarin Chinese soon...

View pics from a New Yorker making the journey way out thatta way here. Other posts from the trip on her blog (scroll down past that California stuff) here.

Speaking of New York, if you're in "The City" on February 11, you can catch GWG at a USA Swimming Foundation fundraiser. Info is here and here.

Looking to save the men's running programs at UD? Take this job and get that athletic department's money situation squared away.

If you're planning to officiate at this year's UIL state meet, application is here. Pay this year is $75 daily. Should more than cover gas money if you live within a ten mile radius of Austin, right?

No, I have never suggested using that extra cash at TSO. Also, to those complaining that last year's officials were being paid by the relay DQ - shame on you!! Why y'all tryin' to start somethin'?

Into titles? The Houston Texans YMCA has just the position for you! They're looking for someone to fill "the position of Youth Development Director-Swim, Sports/Play and School-Age Enrichment". Info is here. Good luck fitting all that on your business card...

Need a nifty job title? It's as easy as 1-2-3! Naughty word warning! Job Title Generator

USA Swimming is in BIG trouble with Ben Franklin fans! In their 2012 Volume 1 email to members, the Quote of the week (That's right, they only work 1/7 as hard as yours truly!) was:

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better (wo)man. -- Benjamin Franklin

Really? Most think Ben's quote went more like this. Should it be up to me to keep an eye on those folks up in Colorado Springs? Where the heck was Splash-O-Truth when we needed them? Don't tell me they were nosing around in Knoxville...

ASCA is returning to Las Vegas. Everything you need to know to plan your trip to the 2012 World Clinic is here.

Yeah, we had a neighbor like this.

Don't expect any action from the MIAA on the issue of guys swimming in the Massachusetts girls' state meet. Read more here. That's right, they're forming another committee...

The Swim Committee embraced half of the debate by forming a subcommittee to study the mixed-gender issue. Said committee chairman Ray Grant of Seekonk, “It’s certainly not a new issue for this committee.’’

How do I think they'll fix the problem? How the heck should I know?!?! What do I look like, the danged Shell Answer Man?

Meet information changes for the Austin Grand Prix have been posted. View them here.

University of San Diego Relay Meet

TCU at San Diego State University



Swimming Lover said...

I was actually at the GWG volunteering for the Swimming Foundation. Were you able to go?

Button said...

haven't been able to attend any foundation fundraisers. too little time and funds...