Thursday, October 29, 2009

UIL Legislative Council

The UIL approved the addition of one state track meet competitor in each division. Must mean they're now running on a 9-lane track, right?

The University of Texas needs to break ground on that twenty-four lane pool immediately.

Rumor is, the Legislative Council also decided to change the entry deadline for district swimming from the current ten days out to five days out. No word on when that rule will go into effect.

What about water polo, you ask?

What are you, some kind of trouble-maker?

Okay, here's the scoop. They were on the agenda to present their annual proposal to add polo as a UIL sport, but the presentation wasn't made.

On a related note, bowling will not be added as a UIL sport. Read more here.

You want more polo news? Look up at the title of the blog, smart-alec.

Okay, one more. Read about the big high school polo split here.

There! Are y'all happy now?

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Lion King said...

(With apologies to Hanker)

Coaches of the sport claim that they care
They just keep on screaming about seasons
But many of them try reaching for the stairs
To the throne and rule over the others

If they could better get along
Together they'd be so strong

Though leaders of the sport swear that they care
Like puppeteers they excel at pullin' strings
But any simple man goes sayin' "You coaches beware!
He who lives by the sword dies agonizing"

If they could better get along
Together they'd be so strong

All of them have to really care
Though they're different they all live for the same thing
Don't you dare raise your fists in the air
Instead of whining, join your voices and sing!

If they could better get along
Together they'd be so strong
Polo coaches, you just got to hold on
United you can't go wrong

United you stand
Divided you fall