Saturday, October 03, 2009

Quantity (w/o quality)

I'm going for it! This post is going to be huge.

It'll probably take y'all days to wade through this random trash heap. Some of you should go ahead and call in right now. Tell 'em you won't be at school/practice/work Monday.

If you regular readers wanted quality, this site wouldn't be on your favorites list, would it? You want quantity, right?

Bikers' love this classic from Bob Seger:

Best bike trip I ever took was out of Austin back in '84. Grand Canyon and Yellowstone were just two of the many highlights. Young and irresponsible sure was fun. With retirement five years away, looking forward to old and irresponsible...

The other day, Swimming World posted a list of "legal" suits compiled by USA Swimming. Read that article here.

You know they won't come out perfectly, but it still looks like LEGO ice cubes would be pretty cool, right? Czech gout sum real Lee grate eye deers here.

This next video is about design. Paraphrasing here, but think about this gem: Design thinking begins with integrative thinking - the ability to exploit opposing ideas and opposing constraints to create new solutions.

Tim Brown's TED talk:

Special thanks to Kim and Jim for letting a couple of us sit in on a Saturday workout a while back. They've got a great group of young ladies there in Austin and I can't thank them enough for sharing their time with Patrick and I. The gals kick off their season with the Orange/White intrasquad next week. Check out the entire schedule here.

The UH women swam an intrasquad Wednesday. Recap is here. Their meet schedule is here.

Rice's new pool is ready! Seth Huston's gals will now be both fit and tan. They've got outdoor long course water. Visit their site and watch a short video on the construction here. Their meet schedule is here.

Apology accepted...

Did you watch the 2016 Olympic announcement live? Yes? You've got way too much time on your hands...

What? No snowmobile/tree design?

Trainers are stocking up on hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of hog flu. The CDC suggests that palms (high five) and knuckles (bump) be thoroughly cleansed after on-field celebrations. A simpler (and cheaper) solution would be to stay away from that part of the field they call the end zone. Texas school closings due to H1N1 are listed here.

Ready for more Seger?

Are you going to be in New Jersey October 17 & 18? Yes? It can't be that bad, can it? Quit yer danged cryin' and listen up!

The Eastern States clinic will feature Bob Bowman, Jack Bauerle, Sean Hutchison, Bob Steele, Charlene Boudreau, Brendan Hansen, Dara Torres, and Rebecca Soni. Makes the rest of you actually want to go to Jersey now, right? More info is here.

Leon's got more posted on our trip to Matagorda here.


...and release!

Simon Percy's doing a great job with the Sun Devil Swimming Association. They've got a new look on their site. Visit it here. David Marsh and Bill Rose* will speak at their annual dinner/fund raiser. Read all about it here.

Here are some meet results:

Irving Sprint Invite

Round Rock Unclassified

SASA Fall Fling

Palo Alto Pentathlon

NISD Pentathlon

Block Pentathlon

“We have to do what Obama’s trying to do in health care reform,” Donna Shalala, the University of Miami president, said during a recent interview.

I'll bet that got your attention, didn't it? She's talking about the NCAA. Scary, ain't it? Read a New York Times article about the future of the NCAA here.

What's Ian Crocker been up to? Find out here.

“The pressure isn’t quite the same, so it’s a really nice, healthy change,” Crocker said. “I feel like I’m back to the innocent side of swimming — without agents, money, contracts, coach-athlete relationships that can be difficult at times.”

The 6th annual Lake Travis Relay will be Saturday, October 10. More info is here.

The best dam open water swimming relay race around!

*Were you one of Rose's buds? Or, were you a thorn?


Brad Castro said...

Here's to irresponsibility at any age.

Loved the first Seger video - I've got my spot near Yellowstone Lake already picked out where I plan to be smuggled in and scattered (after a long, full, and irresponsible life).

Lindsey said...

Love the article about Ian Crocker; I've been a big fan of his since Athens. I was so disappointed when he retired, as I'll never get to see him compete in person. But I'm glad he's happy and that his swimming school is doing well!