Monday, June 22, 2009

Competitive Cheer

In the Utica* Observer-Dispatch, Don Drumm writes that Competitive Cheer might just be the answer to Title IX's assault on men's swimming and wrestling.

Wouldn't that be nice? Read more here.

He first points out the idiocy of applying a quota system to sports.

Does the government insist that an equal number of men and women be taking French, or playing in the orchestra?

How about nursing programs or elementary education?

The quota system has caused some colleges to drop worthwhile sports such as wrestling. But it’s gotten a little easier for athletic directors to cope. Some of them are counting cheer, predominantly female, as a competitive sport.

I think he's saying that competitive cheer might cut back on A.D.'s lying about roster numbers.

As competitive cheer grows, look for the girls and women to perform at fewer sports events and take their gymnastics and dance moves to shows and meets where they’re the main attraction.

I think Don's dreaming, but if it means men can once again swim and wrestle (not at the same time) in college, I'm all for it!

*Home of the Utica Club Brewery

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