Sunday, July 29, 2018


Working on ranking middle school swims from 2017-18.  Will look kind of like TISCA All-State rankings.  Nearly finished, but still waiting on a couple more results.  If you ran middle school meets and haven't sent me results, please send via an email here ASAP.

Good friend Carlos Salazar (Summit HS) is starting a new project.  The long-time age group coach - one of the best in the business - has left Mansfield Aquatic Club (MAC).  He'll be working with masters swimmers and triathletes in the DFW area.  Visit his site here.

Suggested this years ago, but might as well bring it up again.  Folks love to see exhibitions like the 50 free "shootouts", right?  I'd like to see meets like our national championships close out with something more.

Why not have women vs. men races?  Maybe women's 50m back vs. men's 50m breast?  Men's 100m back vs. women's 100m free?

Also, how about having medalists taking shots at world records in SCM?  They're shaved/tapered and on top of the LCM world.  Maybe even team up to take down some relay records while they're at it.

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