Sunday, March 18, 2018


Highest place in 2018 women's NCAA D-I meet for schools w/o a men's team?

That would be the University of Nevada at 24th place.

Their diver - Sharae Zheng - was 2nd in 3m and 3rd in 1m.

via US Senate

Nancy & Billie Jean:  Can you please tell me how dropping men's swimming has helped women?

via The Boston Herald

Andrew McCabe, an experienced G-Man, claims to have been misunderstood due to the chaos that surrounded him.  If the man couldn't manage to think straight "amidst the chaos," maybe it's best he's no longer Deputy Director of the FBI...

I'll be having rotator cuff surgery later this month.  Recovery/rehab is said to be long & miserable...

Women's NCAA D-I results are hereA&M was 3rd & Texas finished 6th.  Y'all probably heard about the Aggies putting four up in the 200 breast.  Awesome!

Northwood Club (Dallas) needs a summer team coach

Thousand Oaks YMCA (San Antonio) needs an aquatics director

Santa Rita Ranch needs a pool manager

The City of Tyler needs a pool manager

The YMCA of Abilene needs a swim coach

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