Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018 State Meet Call-Ups (Edited 1/25/18)

Great news!  See update on 2018 call-ups here

2013 & 2014 state meet call-ups were posted on this site.

Scott Scofield took over for us in '15, '16, & '17.

Neither of us can do it this time around.

Wouldn't it be nice if TISCA would go back to taking care of this?

Since it's likely they won't, does anyone out there want to give it a shot this year?

It's a tough job, requiring great communication, speed, and accuracy.

  • Complete meet result files from each region (in both classifications) must be gathered.
  • For swimming events, the top two (2) finishers in each event automatically advance.
  • The next eight (8) fastest times in each event advance as call-ups.
  • Prelim times are used to break any ties.
  • For diving, the top three (3) finishers automatically advance.

Let me know ASAP if you're able to take this project on for our athletes, coaches, and fans.



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Unknown said...

By the way. I am available to still do it. I just won't be able to sit down at my computer and put everything together until I get back from the Region 5 meet.