Sunday, September 17, 2017


Takes a while to load, but wait for it.  Check out Abandoned States

Before/After pics of various resorts, including several pools.  Sad stuff.

Nitro's Sean Grieshop finished atop USA Swimming's Scholastic All-America List

Thanks to all who responded to Harvey Help for DJA.  DJA's home sustained tens of thousands of dollars in damage due to Harvey.  Flood insurance?  No, and I doubt anyone in his neighborhood had any, either.  First time they've ever even come close to flooding.  Efforts to help him start on the recovery effort are nearly halfway to their goal.  Please help here

Dates/Sites for 2018 USA Swimming Championships:

Open Water (May 11-13)

Tempe, Arizona

Summer Nationals (July 25-29)

Irvine, California

Summer Junior Nationals (July 31-August 4)

Irvine, California

Futures (August 2-5)

Central - Rochester, Minnesota
South - Cary, North Carolina
West - Santa Clara, California
North - Richmond, Virginia

Winter Nationals (November 28-December 1)

Greensboro, North Carolina

Winter Junior Nationals (December 5-8)

East - Greensboro, North Carolina
West - Austin, Texas

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