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Git ta yer safe spaces!! Them Free Speechers is on the loose!

Sure wouldn't want to hear anyone at UC Santa Cruz exercise their First Amendment rights, now, would we?

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Dr. Andrea Willer is the acting Athletic Director at UC Santa Cruz.

Critics are calling her performance "Laugh-out-loud laughably laughable" and "Ding-dand-diddly D-U-M Dumb!"

Seems Dr. Willer has been axing coaches left and right, as she gives the Banana Slug athletic department her version of a "restructuring". 

...all assistant coaches will have to reapply for their positions, which will now be limited to six-month contracts.

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Among the costs the university must factor into its budget is a salary for an athletic director. That position has been vacant since Cliff Dochterman was laid off as part of a cost-saving measure last October. In a statement at the time, Andrea Willer, executive director of the Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports, said she made the decision to eliminate the athletic director “because it had the least impact on the overall program.”

What a genius!  She was able to dump him, fill the power vacuum, and wipe out athletics!

Students had voted in favor of a referendum supporting athletics.  Coaches who backed that referendum were, coincidentally, given the old Lead Handshake.

Rather than be kicked to the curb, swim coach Kim Musch was able to retire.

“I’m the lucky one because I can retire,” Musch said. “I can step away and not be at the mercy of them anymore.”

“To do what they did to them is just dishonest and slimy,” Musch said. “To get up and have students go above and beyond, to have assistants go above and beyond and just knock them down is so slimy.”

Them there slugs kin git really slimy...

UCSC coaches protested yesterday with signs that didn't say anything about "Trump" and "Russia" - a first in California this year.

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Musch, despite his recent retirement, showed up to support his colleagues.

“I need to help the coaches who were laid off, the assistant coaches whose jobs were ended,” Musch said. “This is a situation where, I’m going to be blunt, there’s a cancer on campus and that cancer is at OPERS. I have trouble sitting back and watching an entire department get destroyed by one person. Anything I can do to help change that, I’ll do. Being retired is one of those things that frees me up to speak my mind because everybody else are, you know, by agreements or under contracts, can be fired at will. I’m free to say this is intolerable. This is a toxic situation.”

Take a few minutes and read through the articles linked above.  This UCSC thing is pretty high on the crazy meter, even for California.

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Biggest fear among UCSC athletes?  Vincent Vega?  NaCl?  The Big One?

Nope, they're afraid Andrea Willer is dismantling their entire athletic program...

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