Friday, June 16, 2017

TCU's Sybesma Retires

Long-time Frog coach Richard Sybesma has announced his retirement.

"I have reached a point in my life where I need to put myself, family and health first," Sybesma said. "With that being said, I have come to a decision to retire.

"I've had an incredible 38 years at TCU and couldn't imagine a better place to spend my career and raise my family. It's been an incredible journey. TCU, this program and all the student-athletes I've come in contact with hold a special place in my heart. I will always bleed purple and support this program."

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Lion King said...

I don't suppose you'll be applying???

Button said...

and leave bc? are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

History lesson, TCU and Richard Sybesma has been a great partnership, from a doormat in the SWC, along with my alma mater, Rice, to a premier program in the Big 12, Coach Sybesma is one of the good ones. And then there was one. Last SWC head coach still in place is now Eddie Reese who has been at Texas since 1978. Attrition through retirements and program cancellations, the old SWC is gone, Arkansas - Sam Freas (now at Oklahoma Baptist) program dropped; Baylor - swimming, never had it, never will, club team only that Senator Paul competed with; Houston -Phill Hansel, program dropped soon after Singapore Olympian and NCAA 50 yard free champion Peng Siong Ang graduated; Rice - Kris Wingenroth, first women as head coach of a SWC swimming team (coached the men before SWC even sponsored women's sports) program dropped 1999; SMU - George McMillion SWC hall of fame and legend retired, program still going strong but Historic Perkins Natatorium leveled by the wrecking ball; Texas Tech - Ron Holihan was the men’s swimming coach at Texas Tech from 1979 to 1986, but his job ended when Tech dropped the team; Texas A&M - new pool, new program, I kind of miss the narrow 1930s lanes and bricked up bulkhead converting the 33 1/3 yard pool to a 25 yard completion pool. Diving was outside in the rec pool with divers jumping into the hot tub between dives to literally "warm up." Mel Nash another one of the good guys shown the door a few years ago!

Button, feel free to rant about these "swim dropper" schools, plenty of 'em, right around her!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, last line should read - Button, feel free to rant about these "swim dropper" schools, plenty of 'em, right around here!